Makes all firearms "Smart Guns"

Smart Ammo Project is the Smart Ammunition Ecosystem
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Smart Ammunition Ecosystem

The overview of the Smart Ammunition Ecosystem

Benefits of Smart Ammunition Ecosystem

  • Default state is disabled, cannot be fired
  • Cannot be fired in Safety zones
  • Can be disabled real-time by Public Safety Authorities
  • Can only be used by the registered owner
  • Works in all existing firearms
    • Makes every firearm a “Smart Gun”
    • Requires Smart Magazine to activate the ammunition
  • Enhanced firearm safety that respects the Second Amendment

Smart Ammunition

The overview of the Smart Ammunition

  • By default, ammunition is in a disabled state
    • The Ammunition cannot be fired unless activated
  • Can only be activated by a Smart Magazine
    • Must be registered to the end user or will not activated
    • Can be disabled real-time via the Smart Magazine
  • Registered via point of sale with the with Ammunition Safety Database

Smart Magazine

The overview of the Smart Magazine

  • Communicates with Smartphone
  • Awareness of geofencing restriction
  • Real-time communication with Public Safety Authorities
  • Awareness of end user registered Smart Ammunition
    • Will only activate Smart Ammunition registered to end user
  • Communicates with Ammunition Safety Database

How it works

The overview of how it works

  • Registers each Smart Ammunition Round to an end user at point of sale
  • Communicates with Smart Magazines for meta data as well as provide Smart Ammunition authorization list to the Smart Magazine
  • Provides data analytics from point of sale and meta data for Public Safety

About the team

Our team is comprised of former military members, current IT professionals, justice professionals and defense sector engineers with decades of experiences.

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